Starbucks Online Ordering Review

The new online ordering service popped up in my recently updated Starbucks application (Android) and I had the time to try it out today. I’d been given the heads up by one of my friendly barista’s at my local store. He gave me a quick demo of his app, updated during a trip to California […]

Competing On A Global Basis

One of the more interesting aspects of Springfield I’ve come to admire in the six years I have been here is the level of entrepreneurial activity. It’s both a strength and a weakness however. I’ve experienced it directly in the film making and soccer industry in this region as individuals or groups that might have […]

UMR Earns Recognition From US News & World Reports

My alma mater has pointed to the latest annual University rankings from US News & World Reports. In this case, the among the nation’s doctoral granting institutions. I am a 1978 graduate of the university with a Bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering. It is an education that has provided me the foundation I have needed […]

5 Steps to a Better Bank Exam

Rising Stream Associates is partnering with asiGuardian to offer Ozark’s area Banks the tools they need to enhance their IT security. With their Certified Security Specialists, asiGuardian can help calm your fears when it comes to preparing for your next bank examination. Working closely with the OCC and FDIC, asiGuardian has helped numerous banks and […]

Sales and Marketing Services

Rising Stream Associates is an organization focused on partnering with our clients to provide Sales and Marketing expertise on a project basis. Whether you are attempting to penetrate new markets, jump start your existing sales effort or you just need short term assistance, we have the experience you need to achieve these objectives. Do you […]


Well, I wasn’t planning on becoming a “blogger” but my favorite HS Soccer team requires registration before commenting on their website (understandably) so that has led me to this point. I’m a former camera geek, as I was reminded at my recent HS reunion, and I’ve been experiencing something of a personal renaissance in that […]