Free Public Wifi

Did you catch the story on NPR? It’s in your airports, your coffee shops and your libraries: “Free Public WiFi.” Despite its enticing name, the network, available in thousands of locations across the United States, does not actually provide access to the Internet. But like a virus, it has spread — and may even be […]

Microsoft Security Essentials Now Free For Small Businesses

If your small business has 10 or fewer PC’s, I recommend you look into adding Microsoft Security Essentials to your list of installed software. Security is a critical element in ensuring a stable working environment and I use Microsoft Security Essentials for it’s real-time protection against viruses, spyware, and other malicious software. The new licensing […]

email accounts, Outlook & SBC

Well, I’ve been struggling to get an email account set up using my new business domain and host. Actually, that part went pretty easily. It was getting the account set up in Outlook that was the real struggle. Fortunately once I went to the knowledgebase I discovered that my problem was tied to my […]